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The Subtle Art of ... Milk Price Gazing Interactive workshops with NXZ (trading platform), Jarden (brokers) and BDO (advisors)

Matt Manning - NZX
Rod Hansen - BDO
Mike McIntyre - Jarden

World of Wearables

With the increasing use of cow wearables, Vet Ryan Luckman and other experts will examine the decision making process used by farmers when purchasing collars and how this information could help you in making the right decision for your business.
There will be discussion on the financial and physical aspects of collars including the advantages and disadvantages.

Ryan Luckman - Waimate South
Tackle Your To-Do List

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough hours in the day? Loshni Manikam will explain a simple, practical way to tackle your To-Do List, that you can implement immediately, reducing your stress levels and increasing your efficiency.

Loshni Manikam
Skin in the Game - Contract Milking workshop

This workshop looks at contract milking from the angle of both the young farm manager and farm owner by way of a panel discussion with farmers and industry experts.

Work Smarter, Not Harder - a guide to using apps in your day to day farming

A panel of three farmers will talk you through what technology, including an e-diary, payroll, gps proof of placement app, and social media, that they find useful in their day-to-day farming.

Alex Pierce
How to be the Best Boss

The speakers of this workshop will talk about what systems they use to run an efficient business, keeping their staff motivated, and share their experience managing and retaining their people on farm. They will provide tips on navigating the current NZ immigration process when employing migrants on and offshore, as well as the current employer accreditation and job check process.

Stefan and Annalize du Plessis and Amy Heenan
Catchment Groups - On the Ground Progress through Science

Thriving Southland have been supporting Southlands catchment groups for the last three years and during that time a multitude of projects have been undertaken from building sediment traps and testing water quality to brainstorming new ideas and gaining scientific knowledge. Come and hear about a few of these projects from the farmers driving change from the ground up.

Growing summer safe crops driven by your cows needs

Our industry specialists will divulge specific nutritional and financial data about a range of alternative summer crops, enabling you to grow the best dry-matter crop for your cows needs for that time of year.

Jim Beer - AgriCom
Tools for Success - Lean Management

Lean Management tools have stood the test of time and are essential to maintaining a ‘Continuous Improvement’ culture. Put simply, 'Lean Management' is committing to a better tomorrow; Lean Tools help make this possible. Apolline Komene from FarmRight believes Lean is a sustainable strategy for every Farm Manager. This workshop offers examples and an honest reflection on the challenges of implementation.

Apolline Komene - FarmRight
Breaking the Mould on Traditional Investments

If you are looking to grow your equity, or add another revenue stream to your business, come and listen to a panel discussion on how they diversified their business, overcame hardships, and lessons they learnt on their journey to business success.

Efficient N use - getting the same growth for less

This workshop will cover how to be more efficient with your nutrients to save you money while still maintaining high yields. Jim Risk of Ballance will take you through how to maximise your pasture with precise nutrient use

Jim Risk - Ballance
Visit to the Southern Dairy Hub

This is your opportunity to see what goes on at this world class research farm and hear the latest trial results, learning, and what's coming up next for the Hub. This is a must-do for anybody with an interest in research being done at farm level.

Dawn Dalley - DairyNZ

Louise Cook - SDH

Please Note: The views presented at SIDE are the opinions of the individual speakers and are not necessarily shared by the SIDE organising committee or supporting organisations. Given the general nature of some of the views and information presented at SIDE, and the fact that every participant’s individual circumstances are different, SIDE participants should not act solely on the basis of the material presented at the event, but should obtain specific advice according to their own circumstances.