Taxi Services

Blue Star Taxis 03 217 7777

Call By Phone

Our automated phone system can be confusing so please listen carefully to the options:

1. You will be quoted an address used previously. If this is where you are, please push 1

2. If you are at a different address, please push 2 and quote the address where you would like to be picked up from.

3. If you need to speak to someone, please push 3

You will need to speak to someone if you have more than 4 people or if you require a wheelchair van or to specify special instructions.

Text From Your Mobile

TXT 027 447 7637 (Remember you can only text to this number)

Please include in your text:

  • your name
  • address where you are to be picked up from
  • number of passengers
  • any other special instructions

If more than 4 passengers, we will send a van if one available, otherwise 2 or more cars will be sent as necessary. If travelling different directions, request 2 vehicles.

Book Online

A booking can be made quickly and conveniently on your phone using the SmartHail App.

For more informaiton go to here

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