2023 Keynote Speakers

Tyla Nathan-Wong

The talented Tyla has already represented New Zealand in Rugby Sevens, Touch and Tag, is an Olympic Silver Medalist, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, 2x time Rugby Sevens World Cup winner and been named the NZ Rugby Sevens Player of the Year. She is known for having incredible footwork, speed, composure and leadership abilities on the field. Embracing both her Maori and Chinese culture, Tyla is passionate about representation in sports and has spoken at the New Zealand Chinese Association Diverse Bananas International Conference and the New Zealand Chinese Youth Leaders Camp. Hosting many talks around schools in New Zealand, Tyla has enjoyed sharing her thoughts around leadership, goal setting and following your dreams - she hopes to inspire her audience and the next generation.

Vangelis Vatalis

What does it take to trade with the world?

The period 1995-2019 was the ‘golden weather’ for New Zealand trade policy. Three assumptions underpinned this period: international trade rules were respected and would expand, protectionism was declining and the social licence in New Zealand and internationally for trade policy in general and trade agreements in particular would be sustained. Those three assumptions no longer hold. So, what now for New Zealand trade policy in these turbulent times?

Vangelis will provide some reflections on the passing of the ‘golden weather’ and on the way ahead.

Vangelis Vitalis is Deputy Secretary, Trade and Economic. He was the APEC2021 Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) Chair for New Zealand’s host year and in 2023 Vangelis will be chairing the Senior Officials' process that supports the CPTPP Ministerial meetings.  

Shaz Dagg

Limb-it-less Shaz Dagg

After a farming accident which resulted in a broken arm with a unexpected twist thrown in, Shaz started on an unbelievable new journey and life plan. Having to face numerous challenges, obstacles and choices, Shaz can honestly say she would never turn back the clock.

Shaz will inspire you and take you on some extreme highs and some extreme lows so be prepared to hear it all.


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