Do you want to be a step ahead in your personal development, so you can take the best opportunities the NZ dairy sector has to offer? Then BrightSIDE is the event to attend!

BrightSIDE is a one-day conference, sponsored by dairy employers who believe in investing in the growth and training of their people. BrightSIDE focusses solely on YOU: the next generation of farmers.

To ensure you succeed in your career goals in the dairy sector, we have put together an awesome programme to help you develop all aspects of your life, not only the technical knowledge.

By attending BrightSIDE in 2022 you will:

  • Learn about wellbeing: how to keep yourself healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • Listen to the Keynote speaker Craig Piggot CEO of Halter
  • Learn what career opportunities there in our industry: Contract Milking, Sharemilking, Operations Managers, career Management, etc.
  • Learn about personal finances: the start to some good financial habits.
  • Free hoodie, goodie bag, morning tea, lunch, drinks, and nibbles all included!

Check out our amazing presenters below and come and join us in this amazing personal growth opportunity! Registratiosn open early April



Tangaroa Walker

Kane Brisco

Taranaki dairy farmer Kane Brisco has experienced the dark places that pressures and stress can take a person. 

In 2013 he had just taken on a 50:50 sharemilking job and the milk pay out plummeted to $3.40kg/MS. 

“It ended up being three years in a row of low pay outs and there was a lot of pressure and stress and I fell out of love with farming. I wanted to give up,” says Kane. 

While Kane was not clinically diagnosed, he believes he was depressed, and it was a rut he had to drag himself out of. 

A change in lifestyle and a focus on nutrition and fitness were key ingredients to his recovery. It is also what drove him to establish Farm Fit, a social media community that between Facebook and Instagram now has more than 10,000 followers. 

 Kane is a big believer of “great people make great farmers”. Using some of his own experience he will talk about building self-resilience and self-awareness and what you can do to influence your own resilience. With practical tips and some real life honest advice. 

Kane will also talk about how life outside the farmgate affects what you do at work and what you can achieve. “Before we focus on the farm we must focus on ourselves” 

 He will also talk about his approach to goal setting and the importance of having a vision off what you want to achieve. 

Logan Williams

Craig Piggot

CEO Halter

Several years ago, between working as Mechanical Engineer at Rocket Lab and returning to his Waikato dairy farming roots, Craig Piggott saw an opportunity to innovate. 

After spending time in both the agriculture and engineering industries, Craig realised how an important gap could be filled, giving birth to a truly transformational tool; Halter. 

Founded in 2016, Halter leverages artificial intelligence to guide cows around the farm, set up virtual fences and detect health events with the ultimate aim of creating a future of farming that is more simple, ethical and sustainable.  

Since its launch, Halter has grown to a team of 130 employees whose work has received widespread recognition and investment from both New Zealand and American venture capitalists. Halter has won awards at the 2017 New Zealand Innovation Awards and 2021 NZ Hi-Tech Awards.  

Craig was also a finalist for the 2018 NZ Hi-Tech Young Achiever Award and EY Entrepreneur of the Year award, and won the NZ Hi-Tech Young Achiever Award in 2020. 

While he leads a business making waves in the agri-tech industry, Craig firmly believes it is having the opportunity to work on something meaningful, solving tough problems, and being part of a high performing team that brings him the greatest reward. 


Tom Hartmann

Tom Hartmann

 Managing Editor at Sorted

Tom’s focus is dialing up people’s long-term wellbeing and help ing them get ahead financially, primarily by developing the Sorted ecosystem of websites, calculators, seminars and publishing.

His background in journalism and finance dovetails to support th e Retirement Commissioner and CFFC in its work to lift the financial capability of all New Zealanders.

Sarah How

Will Green

Will is currently in his third year of 90% Herd Ownership sharemilking cows for Dairy Holdings, he has worked his way from farm assistant to Herd owner/ sharemilker since emigrating from the UK in 2014.

With a burning desire to achieve farm ownership Will believes that New Zealand’s grass growth advantage and strong co-operative values are the perfect platform to help him achieve his goals.

Very passionate about the NZ Dairy sector, Will is keen to share with you his journey of growth and how he plans to achieve his goals. He will let you in on a few of the “golden rules” he followed along the way that ensured he was able to achieve the growth he has achieved so far, and what he has planned for the future.

Sarah How

Maitland Manning

Maitland Manning grew up in the Wairarapa on a sheep, beef and cropping farm, before completing a BSc at Canterbury University.

Maitland has seen the impact of weather, markets and Government regulations on the health of New Zealand farmers.

He is passionate about well-being especially, in men and the rural sector during times of change and believes that farmers do best when looking after each other.

He has led the DairyNZ Farmer Well-being project aimed at improving farmer wellbeing through increasing awareness of mental and physical health and

Maitland is now working at NZPork, applying earlier learnings as we cope with this industry copes with the impact of Covid and regulatory change.

Maitland is a council member of Rural Health Alliance New Zealand and Good Programmes Trust and delivers resilience presentations and Good Yarn workshops.

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