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3 July 2024

BrightSIDE Shines at SIDE 2024: Young Attendees Join Largest Dairy Event in New Zealand

BrightSIDE Shines at SIDE 2024: Young Attendees Join Largest Dairy Event in New Zealand

LINCOLN, CANTERBURY - The South Island Dairy Event (SIDE) 2024 was a roaring success as the largest dairy conference in New Zealand celebrated its 25th event with a turnout of over 400 attendees.

 "This event is not just about sharing knowledge; it's about fostering innovation and pushing boundaries," said Jonathon Hoets, Event Committee Chair of SIDE 2024. "The dairy industry is constantly evolving and events like this are crucial in helping farmers adapt to change."

One of the highlights of SIDE 2024 was the participation of BrightSIDE attendees. Abby Rawcliffe, the BrightSIDE Coordinator, emphasised that young attendees play a vital role in shaping the future of the dairy sector.

"Empowering our youth to take on roles within the industry is essential for its longevity," said Rawcliffe. "BrightSIDE provides a platform for students and young farmers to ignite curiosity and ambition among young individuals in the industry, connect with experienced professionals, and learn some hands-on skills."

The conference featured an impressive lineup of keynote speakers including former Australian SAS medic Dan Pronk, Jeremy Hill, Siobhan O'Malley, and Cameron Bagrie. Attendees also enjoyed a field trip at Ashley Dene and Lincoln University Research Farms, as well as informative sessions with workshops and panels covering a wide range of topics.

"We aimed to provide attendees with valuable insights and practical knowledge that they can apply in their daily operations," said Hoets.

In addition to the educational sessions, SIDE 2024 hosted 25 exhibitors showcasing their products and services tailored for the dairy industry. Jamie Mackay served as an outstanding MC throughout the event, keeping attendees engaged and entertained.

The overarching goal of SIDE remains empowering individuals within the South Island dairy sector to adapt and manage change effectively. As noted by Hoets,

"Our commitment is to continue providing a platform for farmers by farmers where they can learn from each other's experiences and collectively drive innovation forward."