Research Fund

A research fund is available for research into topical issues in South Island dairying. SIDE has provided financial support for numerous projects and encourages applications from students or scientists.

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SIDE Funded Research and Projects

Stereo Infra-red photogrammetry and Multi-Spectral imaging for rapid biomass availability and composition assessment
Project team leader – Stuart Charters (Lincoln University)

New Zealand Native Plants to Intercept Agricultural Nutrients
Project team leader – Hannah Franklin (Lincoln University)

An investigation into ‘Funky Food’ and its applicability to regions of the South Island
Project team leader – Philippa Rawlinson (Federated Farmers)

Dairy Support Land Project
Project team leader – Richard Christie (SIDDC)

The South Island Dairy Lameness Project
Project team leader – Jim Gibbs (Lincoln University)

Dairy Runoff Management and Profitability
Project team leader – Brendan Richards (student, Lincoln University)

Dairy Farm Reproductive Management in the Absence of Induced Parturition
Project team leader – Anna Paton (student, Lincoln University)

Pasture Analysis to Investigate Spring Milk Production Dip at LUDF
Project team leader – Richard Dewhirst (Lincoln University)

Total Productivity Factors
Project team leader – Adam McCall (student, Lincoln University)

Effluent Irrigator Audit Project
Project team leader – Debbie Care (DairyNZ)

Southland Demonstration Farm – Future Proofing Southland Dairy Farm Systems
Project team leader – Alex Hunter (Southland Demonstration Farm)

Winter Feeding Systems for Southland’s Burgeoning Dairy Industry
Project team leader – Dawn Dalley (DairyNZ)

Shorter Milking Times
Project team leader – Jenny Jago (DairyNZ)

West Coast Monitor Farms
Project team leader – Michael Hart (West Coast Focus Farm Advisory Board)

Reproductive Performance in Large Herds
Project team leader – Chris Burke (DairyNZ)

Assessment of Nitrogen Uptake of 16 Pasture Grass Species Under High N Loading
Project team leader – Jim Moir (Lincoln University)

Nitrogen fixation and performance of white clover in the presence of clover root weevil
Project team leader – Mark McNeill (AgResearch)

If further information is required on the above projects, please contact the SIDE secretariat

SIDE Coordinator
Tammy Johnson

027 886 4628

PO Box 85066
Lincoln University 7647